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08/29/06 08:12 PM
PPC 6700 dialing long numbers

I've been using a PPC6700 now for about a month. It takes awhile to get used to, but at least I only have to carry one thing with me.
One thing we could do with all our previous phones is add strings of numbers together for dialing. So if I wanted to forward our office lines to my sprint phone I'd have a number plus a hard pause and then another number and then a hard pause. I'd dial the number from my address book and then just keep pressing the TALK button. So far I haven't been able to figure out a way to do this with my Sprint.
Anyone know if this is possible? To add to the complexity, we use Act! for our contact manager, and I've found if I put in commas for pauses and then a number, when I sync the phone, Act! strips everything out but the 10 digit number.

Thanks in advance.

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