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12/13/07 02:39 PM
rom update killed my phone

ive recently purchased an xv6700.after reading the review on this site,i downloaded the update at the top of the review-only to have my phone shut off and it wont restart.
here is a link to the review-

and the quote from where i got the update-

Note: Verizon and UT Starcom issued a ROM update for the XV6700 in July 2006 which adds several new features including simultaneous use of the phone radio and WiFi. If you bought your phone prior to August 2006, be sure to download and install the ROM update available here. Units sold after July 2006 have this update pre-installed.

Reviewed Jan. 25, 2006 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

the backlight wont come on and the screen reads-
if i hook up to the usb cable it reads-
ive sent an email to the chief editor of this site,but haven't received a response(only been since last night).
was wondering what you might think and if anyone had any experiences with this?
any and all comments would be deeply appreciated!
thank you for your time

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