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08/29/08 06:24 AM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

I got a question about the internet part of the phone.
I read this part in your article

"We tested the phone with AT&T and T-Mobile US SIM cards, and the phone worked fine with both. We have the Singapore model and it lacks data and MMS auto-configuration for carriers outside that region. So you'll have to enter your carrier's data and MMS settings manually. It does however detect and configure voicemail number and SMS settings. Once we entered in the correct data settings for each carrier, we were off surfing on EDGE, downloading email and watching some slow streaming media. EDGE speeds averaged 120kbps on T-Mobile and 190kbps on AT&T according to DSL Reports mobile speed test. Quite good for EDGE, that AT&T number."

I have the Omnia Singapore model and use the T-Mobile Carrier but I wanted to know what I needed to do to get the correct data settings so I can use the internet. Basically, I need the details PLEASE

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