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03/22/06 02:26 PM
Another Question about an old 1940

I have an old HP ipaq that has been sitting in a drawer for years and I want to give it away. When I started using it I loaded all my information into in, used it, loved it, it was great. After a month long vacation I came home and plugged it in to charge it up, and everything I had saved on it was erased. The entire thing was wiped. It was as if I had just turned it on for the first time, all the dates were wrong, everything. Because it came with zero documentation and HP's website has nothing I could find , it has always been a mystery. Do I have a defective Ipaq? Does that happen to everyone? Must you keep the Ipaq in a charger at all times to prevent this? I have hardly used it and don't want to buy another one if it will loose everything if left dormant. Thanks

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