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06/19/07 07:18 PM
Help? It Looks Like I Busted Tom Tom on my iPAQ rx5915

This is surely my own fault, but in the process of updating the maps on my iPAQ 5915 (delivered about a week ago), I appear to have deleted or broken Tom Tom entirely. The other PC
functions seem to work, but the "Navigation" choice in Today brings up an error message "failed to load" and freezes with the Tom Tom splash screen displayed. Using File Explorer, the iPAQ File Store folder has a iPAQ GPS folder, and with in that folder there are folders for Navigator and North_America, and an app GPS icon. The Navigator folder has a Voices folder and icons for Tom Tom navigator and TTToday. In trying to get the map update to work, the directions said to erase one or more folders. The update didn't work the first several times I tried it, and I think I erased something I shouldn't have. Is there anyway I can reload it or replace Tom Tom? I can use the pc without navigation, but it would be nice to fix that.

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