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01/07/05 04:41 AM
Re: mp3's on treo 600 _ WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!


thanks for the excellent play by play. very useful for the beginner geeks like myself (on my way to super-geek though, just wait!)
why is it that i cant find any of these audio files that i keep sending to the 256 sd card on this phone? i followed your steps exactly, where are the sneaky little guys hiding?
many thanks

Can anyone also comment on this? I have the same issue. When I transfer mp3's to the SD card, they are NOT found by the Palm OS. I have installed RealOne player and it however can see the music on the card regardless. The OS can't read the SD card and can't delete stuff either. Can anyone comment on this? Upgrade available? Separate software? Anyone please? This has been my only solid source of info. Thanks very much to anyone who can answer this.

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