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07/13/06 03:40 AM
Treo for dummies?

I must be the only guy on the planet not happy with the new Treo 700p. After 5 days of messing with the manual, the phone and the software, about all I can get to work is the phone, though I remove the battery to make sure I've really turned if off. The light keeps blinking after you turn if off.

The installation stuff is pretty complicated. I don't like installing software anyway. Have not been able to migrate the calendar with four years of entries from my old palm unit to this one. So I carry the Treo in one pocket and my old PDA in the other.

I would start over but can't figure out how to delete the software from my computer and reload all the software from scratch. It's a nice device but I can't do the start up. Tech support hasn't been much help either. My old phone and my old PDA were never this complicated. I need a "Treo For Dummies" book.

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