05/24/05 12:15 AM
Re: New Toshiba 14" Tab PC in use

No problem with machines speed, just super. The display is wierd, very anti reflective but not as good as it might be.
So far am able to print yust fine thru USB. I am grabbing old files from my 9 yr old VIAO with builtin ZIP drive, and got the latest XP driver installed on the Toshiba. No problem at all xferring data from the old win 95 machine to the XPPro.
This is a desktop replacement, you dont wanna carry it around in the plant. Get the next smaller size if thats what you want. WOrking with color and layers with Photoshop CS not a problem, but I HATE that it automaticlly assumes every dig image is its property, where my ole reliable MGI photosuite 8.05 is all I need for initial review and inspection of images, even minor rework and touchup.

More in a week....

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