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12/15/04 02:33 AM
Re: Dell Axim X50v Review

Wow, my 1st post here! Hello. I'm about to make my 1st purchase of a PDA device and I need serious help!!!

Perhaps someone can help me, as I would like to make a decision this week between the x30, x50mid, and the x50v.

In reading various on-line reviews of the X50v, most have noted the "below-average video performance" of the device. Incidentally, this also appears to be a similar problem with other VGA models such as the Asus MyPal 730 and the Toshiba e805.

Would it be safe to say that the performance issues experienced by these VGA models is a product of software, drivers, etc. not being up to speed with the capability of the units and if so, will it be only a matter of time before necessary updates are made to take advantage of the VGA capability? Or, perhaps the performance of these units is just a function of the current technology available to PPC's and will only improve as later versions of such models are released in the future.

I would hate to consider purchasing a unit with VGA capability only to suffer from substandard performance --- especially if there is no hope of any near term fixes to fully take advantage of the newer technology.

I don't see myself getting much into gaming, but using the unit more as a PIM, book reader, photo viewer, etc. I also like the capability of the x50v to transmit content to a digital light projector. My gut is telling me that the x30 or even the x50 mid would be the better value and leave me more satisfied (performance wise). Unfortunately, I hate buying "older" design/technology devices (x30) when there is more cutting edge technology available. Any opinions, suggestions would be appreciated on this 1st PDA purchase.

Also, apart from "normal wear and tear", how long (years)should I expect on of these units to last?

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