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01/12/05 05:37 AM
Axim X50v vs Toshiba e830 vs Asus a730W vs Loox 720

Hi There,

I am new to the group and have been spending a lot of time researching what PDA to buy. I have been looking at the Dell Axim X50v, Toshiba e830, Asus a730W and the Loox 720 (last 2 seem very pricey, but would be nice to have a camera and USB capabilities). I think I have settled on the X50v because of performance and price (if anyone has points to convince me otherwise I am still open). The Asus seems to be VERY popular and there is nothing here about the Loox, but it seems to be a better performer than the Asus.

It sounds as though performance of the X50v is pretty good comparatively and once more software comes out to take advantage of the graphics accelerator, it will be killer.

I was wondering about USB capabilities. The MyPal a730 and Loox 720 have the ability to use other USB devices (ie: keyboards, external hd, etc...). Is there any type of adapter to be able to do the same with the X50v?

Has anyone used the VGA presentation capabilities of the X50v? Does it work very well?

How is the software bundle that comes with it? Some of the reviews seem to think it is a little weak. Too many trial versions and not enough full versions. Any recomendations for have-to-have software?

Is a virus program necessary?

I know this is a lot but any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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