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07/01/04 08:51 AM
suggestions welcome, replacing Palm V


I am in the market for a new PDA to replace my stone-age Palm V and would like some suggestions on a new model.

I do like the UI of PalmOS and the palm applications, and I am comfortable with Graffiti text input, so I favor Palm-based devices.

I have listed a few requirements/preferences that will influence my choice:

* Must have wifi - I have it at office and at home (BT not necessary though).

* Ability to synchronise calendar, todo, address book and mail with Exchange over wifi/http - no desktop software should be needed.

* Small form factor - this was one of the reasons I chose a Palm the last time.

* Good screen quality and screen size.

Some nice-to-haves:
* Keyboard.
* mp3 player/other multimedia capabilities

It will be used mainly for mail, todo and calendar stuff, and some
document management (Word/Excel) at times.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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