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11/14/08 02:52 AM
Upgrading from a xv6700

I'm planning on upgrading my xv6700. It's been an OK phone, but its a little bulky and I'm not happy with the strange phone behavior that I've experienced with it. I'm sticking with Verizon so it limits me a little bit. After playing around with the devices at the Verizon store, the two phones that fit my physical requirements are the Palm Centro and the Blackberry Pearl.

Things that are important to me: Good phone quality, ability to sync to Lotus Notes, small size, ability to view and edit Office documents, durability. Push email isn't that important, but I do want web access and decent text messaging.

On the surface, that looks like it pushes me toward the centro, but the Pearl "feels" like it's more of a phone than the Centro.

What can the folks here tell me about these two? Anyone have any direct comparison/user experience with both?


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