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12/29/08 05:03 AM
HELP!!! Incite VS. Eternity AT&T

I recently bought an AT&T quickfire and i have decided not to keep it. I plan on trading it in for a different phone. I was all set on trading it in for a Samsung Eternity when I came accross a comercial for the LG Incite. I have looked up plenty of reviews on the eternity and i cant seem to find anyone that says its bad. I have also looked up reviews on the Incite and there seems to be mixed opinions. I like the look of both phones. one of the things that sticks out to me is that some reviews say the the incite can be slow to respond to touching and can be slow in general. My question is if that is a big problem. IF anyone has any experience with either of these two phones please i would like some feedback!!! thanks!

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