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02/20/09 03:16 AM
Re: Blackberry for college?

so.. I went to the ATT store and they DID say that no matter which phone I buy Blackberry or Iphone, both need to have a data package which is $30.00 a month. So I guess this is not an option for our famaily. My cheap phone has a calendar in it, but it is extremely painful to use. I normally write down notes on my HAND and then enter them in my calendar at home when I get home. Right now I have three notes written on my palm of my hand. I know it's stupid, but I don't have another option. I think the Iphone is the easiest to use for a mom, but is there a way to get the service for less than $30 a month? That would be $60.00 for both my son and I per month ON TOP of the other charges we are already paying with ATT for cell phone and home phone.

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