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05/06/09 10:58 PM
Window Mobile & iphone

Lisa, could you help me a little bit with the advantages and disadvantages for iphone and window mobile pro? I am thinking of getting one of them. I primarily use the phone for phone and pda. It will be nice if any of these phones will work with logmein (if you happen to know). As a pda, I will use it to manage my calendar, events, tasks, appointments, transferring files to and from PC (mostly MS Excel and Words), and email. As for the phone part, I have a 3G in the office and also at home. But, at home, the signal is very weak for all carriers (both GSM and CDMA). So, I prefer phone that can pull well weak signal too. Lastly, it will be nice to have excellent incoming and outgoing sound quality. Which phone would you recommend me Lisa? Is it iphone or Window Mobile? If it is Window Mobile, which phone? Thank you Lisa.

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