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04/28/10 12:52 AM
Re: HTC Imagio or Incredible

oh Lisa, THIS is why you're the head honcho. Thanks for your very prompt reply. I'm not much for MS Exchange and as for syncing, I do sync music with my Zune, but could I sync my Thunderbird email contacts with the Imagio? If so, then yes, I would do that.

You made my day regarding V Cast. I like the video on demand feature A LOT and used it on my enV2 and now on the Rogue ~ though I strongly dislike the phone. Knowing the Video is included on the data plan makes my decision a bit easier.

How does the call quality compare? I live/work in the NYC area and it gets pretty noisy here, though reception is pretty darn good.

As for apps, you say I should stick with recent software title and should be good? I tend to turn off my phone entering a class (I teach yoga) so I guess I'd be rebooting fairly often. Yes, I'm leaning toward Windows Mobile, but I needed an expert opinion of someone who has played with/reviewed both.

'look forward to your answers. Thanks again!

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