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01/05/11 03:23 AM
Need Help for the old guy on his UK Trip.

I gave up on updating my cellphone a few years ago. I am presently Verizon Wireless which works great here in Connecticut. Now I would like to get a Android smartphone which allows me access my Google account.

So my question is what smartphone and what carrier ie: TMobile or AT&T as they use the 900/2100MHz bands as does the UK. They say the Google - Nexus S is sold unlocked so in theory you should be able to put a Sim card when I'm in England.

When you are new you should read the website first. The section on Unlocked GSM Phone Reviews is very useful.
I could stay with Verizon and get a Droid 2 Global but it has a vodafone Sim card installed and Vodafone service sucks in the UK like TMobile in Connecticut.

Any help, ideas or thoughts would be grateful.

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