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08/20/12 10:41 PM
Re: Macbook Air 13 2012 VS Macbook Pro Retina

Thank you for your reply Jacob.

Yeah, I always do my homework as an IT Professional, will never leave anything to chance without deep study.

Yeah, it would be really interesting to see a MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch. Equipped with Sandy bridge, SSD and configurable memory options, that would make me blindly go that route.
I am not in a rush, I can wait, even I would like to own a real mac as I am suffering with MAC OS X on Virtual Machines, this OS will never run on VM any good!!

Retina Display is cool, but I think it is a future thing to have, for now all and every single app (Except Safari) sucks on the Retina, which you will be lowering the resolution gladly to avoid an eye strain and retina issues as the Retina will simply destroy your Retina for the time being

I think the Air for now is the optimal solution, even the Pro 13 will be released, it will equip same specs as Air, maybe the only difference will be a full powered Ivy Bridge process instead of the low voltage on Air, having said that, if the Retina Pro 13 price mark will be equal or around the Air, that would make since, but it is higher then it will be pointless to pay 300$ and above for the glory of Retina.

Engadget review mentioned that Retina is no more good than Air display. That sounds weird for me but Engadget is a trusted source to get information from, so I am wondering about your personal experience of the differences between the two displays.

Let us wait and see.

Thank you again, appreciated.

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