10/21/12 02:09 PM
Multi use smart phone

My wife and I , both seniors, have Pay as You Go phones that as phones work just fine for us. I changed mine a few years ago so that I would have Bluetooth for use in the car she still has a basic phone. Both our daughters usually communicate with texting these days and though my phone can text it is not very convenient to use being small and have a normal keypad. I thus would like to get a new phone that has some different uses for me.

1 easier to text on.
2 will run Navionics Charts while I am on my boat ( so needs good GPS )There is a list n the Navionics site and they say must be Andriod 1.6 or greater.
3 Has Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate with my headcam I use while skiing.
4 good photo and video for when I don't have my cameras with me.
5 nice large display for the application reasons above.
6 Good memory storage as well as being able to add more memory when needed.

I will put my SIM card in the phone when I get it as I do not really need anymore phone features !!! I have an Asus TF300 so when traveling they will be used for communication together as appropriate.

On the list for me are Samsung Galaxy ( several versions), Sony Xperia Ion.

Any in out would be welcome.

Ron Evans

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