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02/17/13 03:38 PM
Tablet Choice Help!

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to have recently become a member on this forum. Hopefully you can help me solve my tablet problem.

I am currently looking to purchase a tablet. I have been eagerly waiting the release of the windows 8 tablets and now have been waiting for them to appear on the market. The tablet will be used to replace my laptop. I still have a main pc that will do most of my main processing.

The tablet will be required to:

  • Web Browse
  • Perform basic word processing
  • Have decent battery life
  • Able to connect to a TV and display movies
  • Be relatively durable and light (It will come backpacking around the globe with me)
  • ~$1000

I have been watching reviews for the last couple of months and I am still not sure which tablet should I get. Below are some of the tablets I thought could do the job. I am not against Android just not sure if it will get the job done.

Windows 8
1. Dell Latitude 10 (current leader)

2. Microsoft Surface Pro

3. Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2

Any others I should consider?

1. Nexus 10

2. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

Any others I should consider?

If you could provide some feedback that would be much appreciated. Any pros and cons would be great.


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