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12/06/13 03:15 AM
Help on 8 inch tablets

Sorry for another "WSIB" message but, I am an operations professional that does a lot of traveling. I am looking to buy a tablet that is easy to travel with and more for general use and entertainment on the road (movies, email, work notes, music, photos, internet, maps, etc). Not interested in gaming. I am thinking along the lines of an 8 inch (or there about) tablet and somewhat budget minded. Don't mind paying for good quality and one that will be usable for several years but, not interested in $600 tablets. My requirements, good processor, 2GB memory/16-64GB storage (prefer 32gb to start with but, can settle for 16gb if needed), expandable SD/SDHC slot to 64gb, excellent screen/pixel count, not interested in being locked into one platform and ability to work multiple screens, if needed.

I am looking at the following tablets but, feeling a bit over whelmed. Thus, would appreciate some expert guidance/recommendations on which would fit my needs (1st thru 3rd choice would be most appreciated):
Dell Venue 8 Pro
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
Samsung Note 8
LG G Pad 8.3
Nook HD+

If there are recommendations for a 10" tablet I would appreciate any guidance if a 10" would be a better value and/or option. Thank you for your time.

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