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05/23/09 01:06 AM
integrated gps, gsm, large display 3.6 on diagonal like old ipaq

hi all, I am looking for a windows based (mobile 5, 6, or 2003 second edition) with integrated gps, gsm and the large display of compaq ipaqs like my 3135 mono which is 3.9 on the diagonal. I am upgrading to a more recent version of a topo mapping program which is at mobile 5.0 or higher. I would prefer a transflective screen since I will use it outdoors. I have occasional use of the gsm (tmobile data) functionality no voice, web surfing in cities.
plus the regular pds windows functions. Since I will be using this in the wild I want to get the OLDEST pda/phone that has those attributes so if I loose it no big money worries.
I already have an htc tilt with $150 invested in it and it is very nice but I would like the larger screen.
any ideas??


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