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06/18/12 06:18 PM
tablet signal reception (Verizon): Xyboard 8.2 vs. Samsung Galaxy 7.7

1.Is either of these better than the other at receiving signals (for data) in outlying areas on Verizon (areas where the signal strength is marginal): Samsung Galaxy 7.7" tablet or Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2" tablet? I read the article from Lisa G (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs. Motorola Droid XYboard 8.2 Tablet Comparison Smackdown (3-22-12), which is the best discussion on the subject I have seen yet, but I wanted to see if there is something even more recent, and more specifically addressing just the difference in signal reception.
2. A Verizon representative told me that, generally, tablet have better signal reception than smartphones. Is that generally true? Is it generally true that the larger the tablet the better the reception (for example would the Xyboard 10.1" be better than the Xyboard 8.2")?
I realize that, with the same carrier, the differences, if any, are probably pretty small, but I wanted to know what (if any) differences there are in the ability to connect to the Internet.

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