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07/07/12 01:26 AM
Re: Specs on 15 inch new Sony S display

Thanks Lisa

I am not going to buy until Windows 8 comes out. I have been caught in blu-ray drivers problems with updates before, and don't want to do that again.

I looked at the Apple Retina for the reasons described above and although the screen is really nice, you still have to play the Apple game.

Thanks for giving me the specs on the TV and its as I expected, but if I can at least correct them on a reasonably accurate display, it seems a good place to start.

As for the 15, it seems like what I have been looking for, at least pretty close. It just seems that Sony, with all its market share in the video world, would put together a machine that would really scream with Vegas. Just don't understand big corps sometimes.

If you get to do a review of the 15 inch, would be nice to see one loaded up do some video editing on your review. I know there are many, many more gamers, but would be nice anyway to see an impartial review from editing standpoint.

Thanks for you quick response


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