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09/02/09 11:35 PM
Oomble Update!

Hi Everyone,

We're excited to announce some long awaited new features to the Oomble service! We've been receiving great suggestions from all our fantastic users and have been doing our best to continually provide new features and enhancements as requested. Oomble now has the following new features:

1. Ability to create photo albums in your favorite photo site
2. Ability to drag photos directly to 3rd party photo albums
3. Multiple delete of photos and music off your phone from the web
4. Multiple drag of photos to your phone or to your favorite photo site
5. Multiple drag of music tracks to your phone from your iTunes library
6. Support for new phone models

Please let us know how you like these new features and as usual, please email us with comments, questions and suggestions at comments@oomble.com and follow us (or tweet about us) at www.twitter.com/oomble



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