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07/13/08 06:08 PM
Cruising The App Store

Since the opening of the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, there has been a lot of hype over programs like Remote, AIM, eBay, MySpace, Super Monkey Ball, Enigmo, and Cro-Mag Rally. These apps are indeed very cool and generally deserve the hype they have received. However, just like the constant discussion of certain features of iPhone 2.0 has caused other new features to go unappreciated, the constant discussion of these apps has forced some other offerings into the background. In fact, the App Store already has an impressively wide selection, and some of the programs available deserve just as much chatter as the apps listed - but they haven't gotten any. Without further do, here are some "overlooked" apps available from the App Store that deserve more attention.

1. NetNewsWire One of the leading RSS readers for Mac OS X used to cost some big bucks (or at least medium bucks), but it recently made big news when it became freeware. However, it seems like many people didn't really notice that a free version for iPhone is available now too, and the mobile version supports tracking your RSS feeds and even syncing them with NewsGator.

2. PhoneSaber Turn it on and swing it around. It makes lightsaber noises. Yeah, it's stupid - but you know you want it.

3. eReader I was actually already considering writing a column about "What if eReader were available for iPhone?" With all the focus on other programs, I somehow hadn't realized that it's already here. The reader itself is free and has full support for OTA book purchases. As soon as I discovered this, I heard a distinct thud that sounded like 85,000 Kindles simultaneously jumping off a bridge.

If you know of an app that has been underappreciated, feel free to post about it here!

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