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04/22/07 11:05 AM
Re: Sick Macbooks - Apple MacBook Problems and Solutions

Hello everybody.
Have been travelling lately and had my macbook under aitport x-rays several times and once I got back home unfortunately my internal microphone would not work anymore. i tried testing the hardware for failures but all seems to be working ok. I carried out maintenance via Onyx application, but nothing worked. I reset the vram, removed the battery and followed all th epossible tip sgiven on the apple site but to no avail.
I then decided to re-install the operating system and that didn't help either. I then decided to have a look inside to check if I could see anything wrong with it but couldn't, didn't want to force a screw so closed it all up again and restarted it and funny enough the microphone was working again but unfortunately not for long. I switched the macbook off went to work and when I got I tried to record something on garageband and found the microphone not working again.
Is it time to call Apple technical support or is there something I can do to get in back into action?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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