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02/05/10 08:46 AM
Re: Full review: HP TouchSmart TM2 tablet PC with multi-touch and pen input

lol! Can't wait to see a TM2 in person. I've been looking and unfortunately it looks like it's going to be pretty scarce on the ground. It appears that Best Buy, Staples, and Office Max are carrying it online only. I sure hope it's just because it's new and not shipping in quantities yet...this appears to be the best (only?) hope for the tablet PC to gain any traction this year. As a long-time tablet user, I've been evangelizing them for years, but since people generally can't put their hands on them (aside from the TX series), they've been a hard sell.

Oh, and if there ever was a time for HP to relaunch the TC1100 line, this was the year. Seriously, what are they thinking?

And one more thing, Lisa -- your drawing was fantastic! Is your tablet art posted somewhere on the net where it can be seen? A writer, revier, and an artist rolled into one? A true renaissance woman. Keep up the good work (:

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