(Head Honcho)
05/15/10 07:08 PM
Having problems downloading apps to the Palm Pre today? Here's the fix!

We've got the ATT Palm Pre Plus in for review and I happily went about downloading a boatload of apps from the App Catalog today. For some reason all apps downloaded fine but every single one gave an "installation failed" error. Hmmm... And it seems Palm's and Precentral's forums are abuzz with the same problem. I wiped out the device and started from scratch to no avail.

Next I turned off automatic time and date updates via network and set the date back to May 12, 2010 and voila, everything installs fine. I suspect Palm's server certificate expired May 15 and that's what's causing the problem.

So if your Palm Pre or Pre Plus (any carrier) won't install apps from the catalog, don't wipe out your phone! Just set the date back a few days and the problem vanishes. I assume the Pixi is suffering from the same problem.

And by the way, do stay tuned for our AT&T Palm Pre Plus review, it's a nice little smartphone that's recently been given the breath of life by HP's acquisition dollars.


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