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05/18/10 09:44 PM
iPhone Game Review: Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!

iPhone Game Review: Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!
Reviewed by Dave Koo

Imagine doodle jump with a wee ninja, a new background, no platforms what so ever. What you would get is called Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!


Ninjatown: Trees of Doom has a simple gameplay. You just tap to move: if you're on the left side of the tree and you tap on the right side, you'll jump over there using what people call Epic ninja skills. If you're on the left side and tap on the left side then you'll start climbing up and getting stumped by demon, poison, etc. If you happen to land on a branch the ninja will limply hang there and then you would have to touch the branch drag your finger down. Thus making a little cursor appear telling you where you will land.

There is only one game mode in Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!: surviving. You must help a ninja ump hurdle over the perilous poison, the slippery barks, or devious demons. In other words it is the epitome of fun. Like Doodle Jump, the developers of Ninjatown: Trees of Doom decided to liven up the game by adding unique power ups like a mustache that propels you forward and a wee little pot with a ninja drawing that teleports you further into the game. Or there will be stationary help on the way like branches which also propel you forward and a red mushroom(not the one in Mario) will bounce you forward. They Incorporated a lot of items into the game like a force field item, a super cape, and many more (I won't spoil for you). The game would be pretty bland if there was nothing there but trees, hordes of minion demon, or poison.

The scoring scheme is simple, just go as far as you can while the game records your progress and tells you the score you achieved; it?s just simple and clean. Looking at your score and stats is also very easy, just tap on the bubble that says Scores n' Stats.


Not all games have to have graphics like Halo to be good. All you need is a little polishing and BAM! there you have it, a game with good graphics. Though not fancy, the graphics in Ninjatown are simple yet very effective. The baddies look good, your power ups are just spectacular, and the ninja is?just plain awesome. Gameplay moves smoothly and controls are also easy and smooth.


The starting music is just what you would expect from a game like this. It's a smooth and calm ninja music that could come from ancient China or something like that, and has a very peaceful rhythm to it. The game music is the exact same song; so don't expect much of a difference. Sometimes in the background you can hear some jungle sound FX that fits very well with your surroundings. Both background music and sound FX work together with the gameplay to create a fitting environment. Like every good game you can play your own music. Imagine listening to Boxman 2.0, how cool is that?!


If the world was ending and I could play one game guess what that might be. If you guessed Ninjatown then give yourself a pat on the back. Everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle: the music, the gameplay, sounds, and everything else. Those who like doodle jump will like this even better. The game has tons of repla. The only thing that would make it better is adding an auto save feature so that when you close the app with a score of 178, you can pick it up from there when you reopen the game again. It?s a must-have if you like this genre of games.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics: - 5 - Smooth and polished to the finest details. It is one of the best designed game out there.
Sound: - 5 - Just what you would expect from this game. A very ninja-like theme .
Controls: - 5 - Very quick and easy to learn! Works flawless.
Gameplay: - 5 - Just like doodle jump you can expect a lot of replay in trying to beat your own highscore.

Playing Hints and Tips:

- Try to use every branch possible and keep an eye out for the ninja pot.

App Facts:
Developer: Venan Entertainment
Release Date: May 5, 2010
Price: $1.99
Buy App: Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom!

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