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08/05/10 04:05 PM
iREX ebook reader company rises from bankruptcy, back as IRX Innovations

In June of this year, one of the pioneers of the digital reader went bankrupt in the Netherlands. Their first US product, the IREX DR800SG, was supposed to make them buckets of dough but instead helped send them under. According to a Netherlands financial periodical,, the company has received funding and will be reborn as IRX Innovations.

The IREX DR800SG consumer ereader released in the US.

They'll return to their original market, high end digital ebook readers in large format, for companies and leave the highly competitive and cost-sensitive consumer market alone. Their re-org hopefully means that those who purchased IREX readers can get warranty support and perhaps Verizon 3G might be turned back on for the US DR800SG (no promises there).


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