08/21/10 07:39 AM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Paper Ninja

I just bought this game and fell in love with it. I must say... this is the only iphone game that makes my heart races so much faster. I am now a Paper Ninja apprentice!

But it is not an easy game, it took me quite a while to get used to playing it. (because I'm a Fruits addict, Fruits don't block my attacks!! Haha)


Think it's not justifiable to call them "clones" doncha think? Think it's a pity for reviewers to dismiss it as clones because it makes the game seem like its rubbish, which isn't the case. I would call something like Veggie samurai a clone of FN instead because there isn't even any thought process in changing the gameplay!

I think bombibi has a point here, that "word" will really hurt the game developers if their intentions is to bring joy.

I remembered playing Mario as my first game, and soon after, there's Megaman, Double Dragon, Contra, Golden Axe and all these side scrolling games selling at $80 each. But I don't remember people calling them clones, we love all of them!! Look at the price of the game now, $0.99?? That's obviously a steal!

What I want to say is - If it's fun and good, enjoy and share!

*But Veggie Samurai is definitely more than a rip-off, it's piracy at it's best...

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