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03/10/11 03:55 PM
iPhone Game Review: Land-a Panda

iPhone Game Review: Land-a Panda
Reviewed by Epox

Big Pixel Studios, a popular developer known for their polish and graphically cute designed games have made another hit game. With pandas, cannons and more Land-a Panda is incredibly fun to play.


In Land-a Panda your objective is too guide your panda to reach the other panda and collect three stars while at it. The controls are simple and involve tapping to make your panda fly through cannons and more, the game is physics-based and involves a lot of timing and perfection. There are bunch of different cannons in the game and each have their own unique special ability. Some cannons will not move, some cannons do move, and some cannons automatically shoot. There are plenty of worlds and content and there is OpenFeint and GameCenter support, so you can compare highscores.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are great and support retina display. The whole game involves cute graphics that look amazing. All the environments and levels are detailed to perfection and the graphics make you want to play the game more and more. The music for the game is incredible and upbeat. It?s extremely fun to listen and not at all boring. You can also play your iPod music while playing the game.


Land-a Panda is a casual puzzler that an iOS gamer can pick up and play. The game is incredibly fun, has plenty of content and polish and appeals to all gamers. This is a must buy game and I recommend this to everyone.


Graphics: 5 The graphics are very cute and look amazing. Has retina display.
Sound: 5 The in-game music is great and a lot of fun to listen to. iPod music support is included.
Controls: 5 Controls are easy to master because they only involve tapping.
Gameplay: 5 The gameplay is great and involves plenty of content and fun.

Playing Hints and Tips:

Timing is critical, so always try and be on the watch.

App Facts:

Developer: Big Pixel Studios
Release Date: March 10, 2011
Price: $0.99 (for iPhone), $1.99 (for iPad)
Buy App: Land-a Panda, Land-a Panda HD


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