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04/21/15 04:32 PM
12" MacBook vs. 2015 Dell XPS 13 Comparison Smackdown

It's the battle of the compact laptops: the new 12" MacBook vs. the 2015 Dell XPS 13. The Dell impressed us because it's a stylish 13.3" Ultrabook with an 11.6" footprint. Even so, the MacBook looks small next to the Dell, though it still packs a very usable 12" Retina display. As a main machine, the Dell XPS 13 owns the MacBook (unless you're a Mac person) since it has the usual compliment of ports and a more powerful Core i CPU. By now you know that the MacBook has just a 3.5mm audio jack and a single USB-C port that also handles charging and it runs on the slower, but competent, Intel Core M CPU. But if you're in the market for a second, highly portable laptop, then the MacBook jumps back in the race since it weighs just 2 lbs. vs. the XPS 13's 2.6 to 2.8 lbs. and it takes up little more space than an iPad with case.

There are many more points to cover, so watch our Apple MacBook vs. Dell XPS 13 Comparison Smackdown.


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