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01/28/05 04:08 PM
zire 31 questions

Zire 31 seems to be nice, but i have a few questions.

1. Can Z31 use some king of bluetooth sdio card
2. Can i beam up sms and mms messages to Z31 from a cell phone (Sony Ericsson t610)
3. Does Z31 have a e-mail client or can it be installed
4. Does Z31 have a web browser or can it be installed
5. Can i use Z31 to access the web and e-mail via cell phone or PC


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02/02/05 06:43 PM
Re: zire 31 questions

To the best of my own knowledge and from what my research has turned up (here and elsewhere) the Zire 31 simply does not supply enough power to the SD port to power an SDIO Wireless Card. This is why the PalmOne store doesnt' list the Z31 as compatible with it. There's another thread on this board asking about it because of its absence from the compatibility list, suggesting that it could work with drivers someone may have made on the net and this is where I first read about the power being supplied to the port being insufficient, therefor even with specially customized drivers to run it, the Z31 would still being incapable of using an SDIO Wireless Card. Sorry

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