06/03/05 06:25 AM
Palm-Linux OS?

According to a lot of rumor sites & whatnot (recently Brighthand.com), it seems that the next incarnation of the Palm OS will be running on top of a Linux base.

Sounds great...(really) -

What I'm wondering is: Does this mean that Palm desktop software may actually be supported on Linux (on home PC's) or, is the modified Linux kernel used in the Palm PDA basically the only Linux part of the project?

(K-pilot and Gnome-pilot have worked okay for me, but not as smoothly as the native Palm software)

While I'd like to think that Palmsource would port the Palm Desktop software over to Linux, I'd also imagine that they may not want to do that (since if they did so, would they have to open up their source code)?

Does anyone here have any idea of the extent of Palm's future support for Linux users (especially given that their new OS will be basically another form of Linux)?

Just wondering.

(PDA Addict)
06/05/05 01:11 AM
Re: Palm-Linux OS?

No one outside of PalmSource has a clue what they have in mind. I doubt, though, that Linux OS underlying the handheld will translate to support for Linux on the desktop. Commercial companies make profits by catering to the largest markets. The Linux desktop market is infinitesimal. Since Palm abandoned Mac support, it seems to me to be highly unlikely Linux will win support.

06/06/05 04:21 AM
Re: Palm-Linux OS?

Good point; I'm surprised about the lack of Mac support for Palm users now; (IMHO) one would think that the mac-using consumer is more likely to use a PDA.

I was just hopeful for a more reliable Palm + Linux option...(but if the new OS turns out to be the handheld equivalent to OS X then that should be pretty cool...)

K-pilot works pretty well, but the warning message to the effect of "running k-pilot can cause loss of handheld data" leaves something to be desired - and while it did sync beautifully with my Palm, some of my contacts disappeared, and the Palm's system clock defaulted back to 2002...maybe it'll get better with the next release?

(Head Honcho)
06/07/05 02:32 AM
Re: Palm-Linux OS?

It isn't just a rumor- see our coverage of the PalmSource Developer's Conference a few weeks ago here .

The next version of Palm OS will run on Linux with the usual Palm user interface running on top. There is no indication that PalmSource or the device manufacturers intend to support desktop software for Linux however.

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