(junior member)
06/20/10 06:48 PM
Palm Pixi Plus WiFi without Data Plan?

Is it possible to use the Palm Pixi Plus WiFi without being required to pay for the data plan?

I currently have AT&T and use the Palm Centro (just basic plan with no smartphone data plan). I wanted to buy the Palm Pixi Plus because my phone just broke. I don't want to buy the required data plan but was wondering if the Palm Pixi Plus' WiFi would still work without it.

(Head Honcho)
06/20/10 09:12 PM
Re: Palm Pixi Plus WiFi without Data Plan?

WiFi will work fine even if you don't have a data plan. The challenge is that if you buy it at a discount with a new 2 year contract they'll make you get the data plan. But if you buy it for the full retail price, you won't have to add on the data plan.

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