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03/04/05 08:19 PM

A little while ago we posted about Mean Hamster Software porting the classic game Myst to the Pocket PC. Well, it's here!

"Myst was-and still remains-a true revolution in the gaming industry as it broke new ground by combining story, photo-realistic graphics, and the challenge of solving integrated puzzles together in a form accessible to the masses. All requiring average computers and without the prerequisite of gaming knowledge or experience. Myst simply and convincingly tells the story of a family in conflict. Atrus holds the key to the D'ni, a collapsed civilization that lived for thousands of years beneath the surface of earth. The power of the D'ni was their remarkable Art of Writing, which Atrus has now mastered."
Myst is available from RegNow here for $24.95.
However, a user on PocketGamer reports it requires Macromedia Flash to play. Flash for Pocket PC can be downloaded here.

(PDA Addict)
03/05/05 01:27 AM

This normally isn't my type of game (mainly because I suck at them), but I think I am going to buy it.

(PDA Addict)
03/11/05 05:23 AM

I played the Myst series on the PC and got into. I think this is the perfect type of games to port to handheld. We are working on a hands-on review.

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