08/25/08 10:09 AM
Replacing Battery on NX80V Question


I need to replace the battery of my NX80V. Can anybody advise me whether I should connect the Clie to AC power while I replace the battery to prevent the loss of programs or data??

Is it easy to replace the battery, or do I need a degree in rocket science??

Can anybody recommend a good battery supplier?

Any advice from others who have performed this procedure will be deeply appreciated.

(Head Honcho)
08/25/08 03:21 PM
Re: Replacing Battery on NX80V Question

You should sync and backup the Clie first, so it can be restored afterwards. Leaving the power connected won't guarantee uninterrupted power depending on the device's design. It's not terribly hard to replace the battery yourself.

08/26/08 09:55 AM
Re: Replacing Battery on NX80V Question

Thanks Lisa.


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