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04/10/04 08:05 AM
Question regarding NX80V and WiFi

I am wondering can I use other brands wifi 802.11b card instead of the sony ones. The non sony ones are way cheaper so I am hoping that it will work probably with it too. Can someone help me plz thanks

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04/10/04 08:34 AM
Re: Question regarding NX80V and WiFi

I noticed this in the NX80V review (elsewhere on this site) & am copying it below for you:
It sounds like if you want WiFi (not analog), you HAVE to get the Sony WL 110.

The NX80V has a CF type II slot that can accommodate type I and type II cards. However, only the Sony WiFi card is supported, so you'll have to buy Sony's WiFi card. The driver for that card is pre-installed, so you don't need to install the driver on the WiFi card's CD.
Sony did release a few drivers for some CF analog 56k modems in Japan, and a fellow who goes by the name Pelaca on cliesource.com has translated them into English. You can download the files here. The AmbiCom CF56M-EZ is supported, and is the easiest of the few supported modems to find in the US (Amazon.com, Best Buy and some other retailers carry it).
and in another review on another site, I noticed that you cannot use the Memory Stick WiFi for this Clie

but since i don't have any experience yet, maybe someone with REAL experience could also address the question???

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04/11/04 08:23 PM
Re: Question regarding NX80V and WiFi

You can't use other brands of CF WiFi cards with the NX. The reason is there are no Clie drivers for other CF cards (Sony's WL110 drivers won't work for other cards-- I tried it ).

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