(junior member)
04/21/04 04:53 PM
TB / Wi-Fi?

I was ready to buy a Tungsten T3 when I read about the Wi-Fi
Two questions

1. When it says Built in TB tech or Wi-Fi, means that I do not need to buy a TB or Wi-Fi card because it is already included and ready to go?

2. The T3 has not built in Wi-Fi technology, if I buy a Wi-Fi card, will it be enable to get acces to Wi-Fi?

Thanks, trying to decide between T3 and Dell Xi3T

(PDA Addict)
05/04/04 12:00 AM
Re: TB / Wi-Fi?

If it says built-in that means you don't have to buy it.

There are no Palm OS drivers for the SD WiFi cards on the market-- hopefully in a few months.

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