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07/20/05 01:38 AM
Wi-Fi card disapointment

Hardware configuration Zire 72, windows xp, Linksys router.
Finally!! got the wi-fi card and installed the software. The signal was terrible weak, erratic, an sometimes none were my pc gets a perfect signal. Then after hours of troubleshoting with the router, the palm and the forum. Big answer posted hiding somewere in the palm forum, an update 1.0 to fix the problem with the Linksys and the Belkin routers. Did the download and follow the spteps to install the WIFILIB in my PDA, it was supposed to install the new WIFILIB ver.1.0.6 and at the same time keep the old WIFILIB ver. 1.0.5. Surprice!! finally installed the 1.0.6 ver. but didn't keep the old 1.0.5 and of course it didn't work. Tryed everithing, also hard reseatting a few times. An at the end the card was not recognized by my palm nor any other palm.
I finally had to return it to AMAZON where I bought it.

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