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09/28/05 10:23 AM
gps holux for toshiba e335

Dear friends
I want to subject your attention the problem that unfortunately one verification and that I am not able to set remedy.
it concern the connection of the GPS receiver Holux212 with the Toshiba pda e335 and the program TOMTOM5.
We streak to the therefore:
the GPS receiver through the GPSVIEWER program of the Holux comes recognized so much that I from it is the hour that the number of connected satellites and the coordinates of the place where I am.
The strange thing however that known you is that the receiver seems to have not connected the same it carry, at times the COM1, other the COM3 and other the COM9.
This denotes it using the function [scan] of the program.
With the program TOMTOM5 instead also mailing the device like "other wired GPS NIMEA, the speed of transmission 4800 and the door COM1, to this intention on the pda the screened following appears:
(which choose?)
the receiver doesn't come recognized, so much that I appear "no GPS device."
seem me, any is not sure, of have read on any N.G. that also other has had similar problems.
To you do it result?
Do you have any right-hand for the resolution of the problem?
Could the defective [icevitore] be?
Thank you

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