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02/09/05 06:39 PM
Dream ipaq...

I'm new to this forum, so if I make any mistakes, please let me know...
I design PDAs for fun, (no, i dont work for anyone, not influenced my anyone, not interested in working for anyone) and I allways love a challenge. So, just let me know, what's a dream ipaq. here's mine (but i already designed it...):

*624mhz intel pxa273
*256mb NAND flash ram
*10gb Hitachi "Mikey" one-inch hdd
*quad-band 3g gprs
*Bluetooth Class 1 version 1.2
*USB HOST (yes, a usb female port in the pda...)
*3 megapixel panasonic cmos camera
*94mmx65mmx17.5mm flip-twist mini-laptop form factor
*VGA 256k screen
*Synaptics trackpad
*Full, TOUCH-TYPEABLE QWERTY keyboard (the same type as the ipod click-wheel)
*8 hardware buttons
*rubber side-grips
*2000mAh Li-ion battery
MS windows xp
MS windows 2000 proffesional
MS windows mobile 2003 SE
Palm OS6.2 Cobalt

And I call this the...



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02/09/05 07:39 PM
Re: Dream ipaq...

Hey! Okay, so I know this is a weird request, but I'm doing a research paper for a college class and I need a couple of primary sources for it. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out and give me some sort of quote I could use for it. I just went to your websites and read about your new PDA. Could you tell me what features you looked for when you were trying to decide which one to purchase? ie-price, software, etc.
I know this is crazy but it would be a huge help to me! Thanks so much! My email address is nsu_dancer@yahoo.com if you'd rather email it to me!

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02/09/05 07:49 PM
Re: Dream ipaq...

What do you mean? Do you mean what features did i want to include in this design, or which features did i want when i actually bought a pda?

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