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05/09/06 11:02 PM
Wireless keyboard - palm z22

Have been using the z22 as well as my Tungsten E. Found the z22 was great for carrying around because of its size and capability. Been using the Tungsten E with a palmone universal wireless keyboard - great for meeting notes, saves lugging the laptop around.

Now, the review on the z22 in the Mobiletech review section, indicates it can be used with the universal keyboard, but have found that the drivers are not available yet. Anyone know anymore about this, and when and if the drivers will be available.

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07/19/06 06:25 PM
Re: Wireless keyboard - palm z22

I just got off the phone with an almost helpful Palm associate who told me that the Z22 is incompatible with the keyboard and has no idea if or when new software will be released.

I'm not sure how trustworthy this source was, but for now apparently you can't use a keyboard.

Thanks for nothing, Palm.

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