(junior member)
02/14/05 07:27 PM
palm t3 and Powerpoint

I Just bought a T3 and i intended to use its powerpoint ability : take notes during a meeting and being able to transform it quickly into a presentation. I was disappointed when i made the sync : Most of what I had written was transformed into fancy characters.
Does anyone know a way (or a software) to use at best powerpoint and palm T3 ? Thank you

(PDA Addict)
02/18/05 05:37 PM
Re: palm t3 and Powerpoint

I use DTG 7 Premium. It doesn't change the fonts, but has other issues that limit its usefulness. I've found it best to create the notes in a memo, sync them to the desktop, then create the slides from the memo on the desktop. That's not ideal, but PPT support on PDAs is lacking.

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