06/07/04 06:13 AM
New BT kbd

I see ThinkOutside is releasing a BT keyboard for our devices in July. Thing is, it's going to be three times the cost of their own IR kbd, at $150. What are the advantages of BT over IR? Does it have greater range? Faster? I might want to wait for it to come out if it's really an improvement, but it's hard for me to see THAT big of a price jump.


(Head Honcho)
06/14/04 12:19 AM
Re: New BT kbd

We just got that keyboard in for review.

The advantages are greater range and the device and keyboard and PDA IR ports don't have to be lined up in direct line of site.

06/14/04 06:49 AM
Re: New BT kbd

Cool. I look forward to reading it.


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