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06/08/05 05:09 PM
New AXIM X3 - Do i require the companion CD?

I don't know if anyone can help but i have just purchased a AXIM X3 with bluetooth/wifi from ebay (It is new and was from corporate clearance) but it does not have the CD with it. Will i ever need the CD - does it have the MS mobile OS and apps on it or just the AXIMs drivers/utils? Im new to the pda world so am unsure, can someone help me - have i screwed up!! many thanks.

(Head Honcho)
06/17/05 07:20 AM
Re: New AXIM X3 - Do i require the companion CD?

The CD has MS ActiveSync which you can download from Microsoft's web site for free. There are also a few additional value- added apps, which are listed in our review of that device.

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