04/03/05 09:55 PM
Any pattern to extensions for docs on PPC?

I'm wondering if there's any pattern to the assignment of extensions for PocketWord files on my pocket pc?

Sometimes they have a straight .rtf file extension when I look at them in Windows explorer (e.g., if I take my sd card out and look at files on my desktop), and sometimes they are given a .psw extension. Sometimes they have a .doc extension. If they are .doc or .rtf extensions, I can open them on my desktop, but the .psw does not, even though it opens seemlessly on my ppc.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

(PDA Addict)
04/05/05 05:20 AM
Re: Any pattern to extensions for docs on PPC?

.psw = Pocket Word format file (try changing the file extension to .doc to open in using your PC).
.rft= rich text format. Not sure how you'd end up with that file extension if the doc was created on the Pocket PC. But if downloaded an rft doc from the Net or copied it from your PC to the SD card, then it makes sense.

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