09/12/05 03:29 PM
Pocket PC password corrupted: locked out

Somehow my Pocket PC no longer remembers my password. I've used my password a thousand times and am 100% positive I am entering it correctly. I'm suspecting it must have somehow gotten corrupted in the registry or something.

Is there ANY WAY I can bypass it, or get in, without having to do a hard reset and lose all my data?

Is this a common problem? How often does something like this happen?


(Head Honcho)
09/12/05 07:19 PM
Re: Pocket PC password corrupted: locked out

Thankfully, it's not a common problem. But the only way around it is a hard reset.

(PDA Addict)
09/13/05 01:09 AM
Re: Pocket PC password corrupted: locked out

Is it possible someone else got their hands on your device for a few minutes? If it was already unlocked or if your password is something that other people might figure out, then that would seem like the most likely reason... a password just becoming corrupted sounds VERY strange to me.

12/08/05 05:32 AM
Re: Pocket PC password corrupted: locked out

An update...

I tried everything, including a hard reset, and it absolutely would not work. I bought a new ipaq. Was deliberating on whether to just throw this away or sell the cradle and stuff on ebay, or see if someone would want to pick up a broken ipaq on ebay.

A few days ago, behold, it started working again. Out of the blue. Works fine now. Bizarre and frustrating. I've already picked up a new one, which I can no longer return.

Very strange...

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